Bot commands

Here is a full list of the commands currently working in RPGCommunityBot.

Command Description
$rpg claim archery As long as your archery is under 5 and you have less than 250 arrows, you will be given a bow and 250 stone arrows.
$rpg guide Need some help getting started? Use this command to get a direct link to our player created guide
Command Description
$rpg raid {biome} When the raid opportunity occurs, you will be able to conduct a raid on a biome of your choice. Raids give a chance to win resources, as well as XP in the associated skill. (Available options: forest, ocean, mines.)
$rpg battle When the battle opportunity occurs, a random horde can attack and you will be able to try to fend them off. Successful attempts will earn you resources and combat XP.
Command Description
$rpg profile Displays a link to your profile. This is a public page where all your items, coins and other information are displayed.
$rpg convert {amount} Will convert gems into coins, 5 for non-subscribers and 10 for subscribers
$rpg wallet Displays the current balance of your wallet.
$rpg daily Sends a link to where you can claim a daily reward.
$rpg mymembership Shows your current status of your membership
$rpg poke Use this command at your own risk...
$rpg showoff cosmetic | warrior | archer | mage Sets your avatar on a streamers channel
$rpg hatch {egg_name} For those lucky enough to get a pet, this command will hatch the egg into a pet!
$rpg rank Gets your current rank on the leaderboards
Command Description
$rpg guild join Allows you to join a streamers guild if they have one setup
$rpg guild donate {amount} {item} Allows you to donate resources to the guild to help build new buildings
$rpg guild shop easy dungeon raid scroll Purchases the scroll to start a dungeon
$rpg guild raid prepare Starts the dungeon, this will allow people to join
$rpg guild raid join Joins an active dungeon raid in a guild
$rpg guild raid users Displays all the users in the current active guild raid
$rpg guild raid begin Once everyone has joined, it will start the dungeon.
$rpg guild dungeon settings enable/disable {guild_dungeon_name} Disable / enabled a response from the bot from certain guild messages
Command Description
$rpg boss summon {boss_name} Allows you to join a streamers guild if they have one setup
$rpg boss info Gets the current health remaining on the active boss in stream.
$rpg boss claim Claims the boss loot once defeated, command only available to streamer.
$rpg boss auto Will spawn the last boss that was spawned and the tier until you run out of scrolls or gems.
Command Description
$rpg cast Casts a spell which requires mana points, not providing a name of the spells you want will default to your set spells
$rpg cast {spell1}, {spell2}, {spell3} Casts a spell which requires mana points
$rpg default-cast {spell1}, {spell2} Sets your default cast, these spells will be used when using `$rpg cast`
$rpg my-mana Displays how much mana your character has
$rpg buffs Displays your current active buffs
$rpg drink {item_name} Drinks a potion
$rpg consume-mana-potion || $rpg cmp Enables auto mana potion consumption, this will auto use mana potions while crafting in bulk
Command Description
$rpg inventory | inven | inv {item_name} Displays the amount an item that you have in your inventory
$rpg make {amount} {item} Provided you have the requisite resources, crafts an item, giving you XP in the associated skill and placing the item in your inventory. If you do not enter an quantity, it will default to one. (please note, craft still works on this command, but we're migrating it to make)'
$rpg dismantle | dmt {amount} {item_name} Will dismantle items for 20% of their crafting materials, see list here
$rpg equip {item_name} || $rpg m-equip {item_name} || $rpg c-equip {item_name} || $rpg a-equip {item_name} || $rpg lumberjack-equip {item_name} || $rpg fisherman-equip {item_name} || $rpg miner-equip {item_name} Will equip a piece of armour to your character, go for style or strength, the choice is yours
$rpg unequip {item_name} || $rpg m-unequip {item_name} || $rpg c-unequip {item_name} || $rpg a-unequip {item_name} Will unequip a piece of armour from your character
$rpg recipes {item_name} Gets a list of items which this item can be made into
$rpg forge tier {number} {item_name} Forges a weapon to give it greater stats
$rpg present Opens a present and gives 3-4 random users in chat a cosmetic item
Command Description
$rpg plant {item_name} Will plant a seed into soil, once fully grown you can harvest with the command `$rpg harvest`
$rpg harvest Will harvest your crops that are available to be harvested.
Command Description
$rpg city donate {amount} {item} Donates an item to help build the city