Membership and purchases

This section will be dedicated to helping those with membership and purchases


Membership is purchased by visiting the artsfox twitch channel. Once you're on the page, you'll be able to purchase a tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 subscription. Purchasing any of these tiers will provide you with a month worth of membership.

Using your amazon prime sub on the artsfox channel will also provide a month of membership.

By purchasing a membership to RPG, you will receive:

  • 50% additional resources from raids, guild raids, farming harvests and battles
  • 25% additional kills from battles and guild raids
  • 10 additional mana per regen.
  • Access to member only recipes such as enchanted gem items
  • Access to member only raid locations such as the jungle and gold-mines
  • Access to 5 additional farming plots
  • Doubled merit when donating items to a guild.

Purchasing gems

Gems are the games in-game currency, these gems can be used to by items from the store.

To purchase gems, you can donate 'bits' to the artsfox twitch channel. For each bit you donate, you will recieve 1 gem.

Patreon membership

You can purchase a patreon membership on our patreon page, by purchasing this membership you will have access to exclusive in-game items

You will also recieve additional exclusive outfits during months where we give away exclusive rewards.