Welcome to the guild recruitment centre! Here, you'll be able to browse all of the fine guilds our streaming partners have established and even join some yourself. You can join up to five guilds, so choose carefully which guilds you want to join!

To join a guild, visit the channel you'd like to represent whilst they are streaming and enter $rpg guild join into the chat.


By contributing 250 bits, an additional hour will be extended to the total time, while this community bonus is active, all guild merit points will be doubled.

The community guild bonus is currently not active, to activate this bonus, anyone can donate to 250 bits to the ArtsFox channel on twitch


This community is just about having the stream on the side as a secondary focus and being able to concentrate on work or other main activities, with the only sounds being the ones you need to hear. All alerts, no distractions. Though, we can also have chill discussion in the chat or work together to beat the interactive stream video game using Twitch commands as the shared controller!

Experience: 1777250

Members: 214 / 100

Owned by @2lives1stream

Toxic Waste

kill with us or get wasted

Experience: 325905

Members: 152 / 100

Owned by @toxicdevilttv


Because at heart you know: There's a career at Wendy's for all of us.

Experience: 274740

Members: 83 / 100

Owned by @pithera

Penguin Mafia

Spread the Penguins, spread them all! ... Yes, we have Cookies too!

Experience: 203985

Members: 125 / 100

Owned by @meridlyn

Dragon's Den

The Dragon's Den is a place to hang out with like-minded RPG players. Grab an empty den, settle in on your growing hoard and relax with us. We run casual guild raids and play a variety of games while battling our hearts out in RPG.

Experience: 165080

Members: 61 / 100

Owned by @1_nightdragon

Harvestr's Reapers

Hello, there stranger... I can sense your fear, but fear not! For, the mere fact you are here is blessing, as opposed to us... finding you. Now is your opportunity to JOIN the Reapers! Come along as we plunder all biomes, slay every dragon, and become the very best versions of ourselves that we can! So, what are you waiting for? Stop on over and join today!

Experience: 131440

Members: 61 / 100

Comfy Cozy Champions

Cozy up and $rpg battle and raid with us! Chill 24/7 radio stream chat community with alert sound effect for battle times!

Experience: 93320

Members: 32 / 100

Owned by @comfycozystream

Bugging Out Clan

Bugs of the world unite!! Looking at world domination. One small space at a time.

Experience: 75230

Members: 68 / 100

Owned by @sanneolivia

Good Doggos

Experience: 49840

Members: 30 / 100

Owned by @deputydoggo42

CosplayMeg's Cantina

You'll have to leave the droids outside.

Experience: 37385

Members: 36 / 100

Owned by @cosplaymeg

The Dog Pack!

Welcome to the Dog Pack!

We are a chill community with a wide range of interests from sports, anime, movies, shows, and just about any other topic under the sun.

We welcome and respect everyone that joins us and have a passion for gaming.

But the most important rule of them all is you must love dogs!

Experience: 34060

Members: 16 / 100

Owned by @sgtkdawg84

Kitten an Wolves

Do you also like cute, litte animals? Especially wolves and kitten? Maybe Pokémon? Then you will find your place here.

Experience: 29985

Members: 25 / 100

Owned by @oojadewolfoo

The Fox Den


Experience: 29605

Members: 18 / 100

Owned by @slainfox

Keyboard Warriors

This is a guild for the late night warriors who just need a safe place to smash on their keys without the worry of stares from others. Will typically be running guild raids and boss battles Sunday-Thursday nights after 11 PM EST!

Experience: 16430

Members: 6 / 100

Owned by @dwadesblazin

Sugar Rush Mountain

Welcome to the Sugar Rush Mountain a guild that thrives on good vibes and good times anyone is welcome to come hang out and enjoy the Sugar Rush Village all we ask is please be friendly to all our other guild members and be respectful to one another!

Experience: 15700

Members: 24 / 100

The Forgetful

Midnight Invaders.... when they rememeber.

Experience: 13305

Members: 6 / 100

Owned by @naribunny

Morty's Mayhemmers

We're not always online, but when we are, we're $rpg'ing! Let's defeat some baddies together, raid some dungeons, and build a guild castle.

Experience: 10510

Members: 12 / 100

Owned by @incrediblewatty

The DoRkery

A place of chaos and bunnies where the most devote FoRk Collectors come together to defeat evil!! (and eat some pie)

Experience: 9295

Members: 9 / 100

Owned by @tork1369

The Night Watch

"When Mister Safety Catch Is Not On, Mister Crossbow Is Not Your Friend." -- Detritus learns about weapons safety (Terry Pratchett, Night Watch)

About us

The Night Watch is famous for three things: its colossal size (actually we are just starting out as a small relaxed guild), the dramatic use of lead swords and slime balls (yeah... not really) and the perseverance of hitting harpies and wyverns with stone arrows in what would could traditionally be seen as splendid target for magic. The Night Watch was founded in 1642, at the peak of the Dutch Golden Age. Originally this eponymous company was led by Captain Frans Banninck Cocq (dressed in black, with a red sash) and his lieutenant, Willem van Ruytenburch (dressed in yellow, with a white sash). Nowadays things are different. We once had it all. Our Commander was a Duke. Our coffers were filled with riches. We were respected. We had a silver cigar case. Everything changed when the Dragon Nation attacked...


The Night Watch welcomes fighters, coppers, veterans of the charge of the light brigade and really everyone, especially if you have a silver cigar case. Just make sure you are of drinking age and 18+. We look forward to see you in our ranks, first round is on the recruit as is tradition.

Experience: 9275

Members: 17 / 100

Owned by @banejoe


Day one on the alien planet. The UNRRE4L Armada is stranded on uknown territory in the far reaches of the UNRRE4L UNIVERSE and is left to colonize with the small population that survived the crash landing on planet RPG. Using the little resources remaining and fending off what the planet has to offer, let us gather close and work together to build a new civilization in the UU

Experience: 7620

Members: 11 / 100

Owned by @unrre4l

Retro Raiders

Keeping it old school with pixelated raids and 8-bit treasures

Experience: 7020

Members: 12 / 100

Owned by @LipSmacker_

The Nerdy Ones

Experience: 6330

Members: 27 / 100

Owned by @nerdywhiteboy3


I'm the sexiest Zelda streamer on twitch. In the stream we have a lot of fun chilling and talking a lot of smack on Artsfox while I do either a Zelda randomizer or a Mario speedrun. The guild is set in the desolate land of termina where creatures of every kind, brought to life by the evil moon, attempt to attack the townspeople of Clocktown.

Experience: 4460

Members: 5 / 100

Owned by @zeldaholich

Guild of Heros

Everyone is a Hero in there own way to somebody. Chill down to Earth people can be found here as we keep chat clear of monsters.

Experience: 4115

Members: 2 / 100

Owned by @VGuardianWolfV


Welcome to everyone and all about the good times, this community is for relaxation and fun times with one another, become a part of the pack today!

Experience: 3065

Members: 7 / 100

Owned by @iiwolfyyy

The Grenadiers

We like to blow stuff up, have a good time, and our favorite thing is dynamite

Experience: 2745

Members: 5 / 100

Owned by @eastyjay

Blue Moon Cafade

A cafe/arcade where you serve the neko maids. Welcoming customers, neko maids, and neko butlers alike.

Experience: 2640

Members: 4 / 100

Owned by @lessieal

Loth Dungeon Crawlers

Come join Lothrop and chat for some MOBA and MMO action, along with friendly banter and several community games. Occasional coding may also occur.

Experience: 2170

Members: 6 / 100

Owned by @l0thr0p

Swampy's Kingdom

Grab a cup of tea and come sit by the hearth as we gather round to celebrate the joys of gaming.

Experience: 1950

Members: 2 / 100

Owned by @kingofeds123

Knights Of Azure

(Clan of azure the wolf knight)

Experience: 1535

Members: 1 / 100

Owned by @goodknightdogo

Shylent Kingdom

We are silent. We are shy. We are knights. Join the adventures with the guild leader ShylentKnight!

Experience: 1415

Members: 0 / 100

Owned by @ShylentKnight

The Cluster

Welcome to the RealClearDiamond RPG Guild, lets try to be the BEST!

Experience: 930

Members: 3 / 100

The Stank Tank

Welcome to the The Stank Tank! We welcome all with open arms, as we strive to make the community as fun and safe for everyone as possible! We shall learn and grow together as we fight all the baddies that come our way! We are looking forward to meeting as many people as possible!

Experience: 785

Members: 0 / 100

Owned by @moldyflounder

Shady Pleasure House

You must be truly desperate to come to me for help

Experience: 325

Members: 0 / 100

Owned by @captclamslam

We Are The Cleansing

This is the Official Guild for We Are The Cleansing, which is a part the immersive experience provided by the conceptual metal band, Plagues, who is headed by the enigmatic Elder of Light, Osorio.

Experience: 140

Members: 0 / 100

Owned by @OfficialPlagues

The Realm

Fortune Favors the Bold! Within there are secrets untold. With us your story will unfold. We are The Realm! Join us!

Requirements:: Be 18+ and cool af. 😎

Experience: 25

Members: 0 / 100

Owned by @LongLiveLauryn


We're a guild of wonderful dog lovers who share a love of both games and dogs while chillin and hanging out playing rpg community game.

Experience: 0

Members: 0 / 100

Owned by @Chrono_Triggers