Welcome to the guild recruitment centre! Here, you'll be able to browse all of the fine guilds our streaming partners have established and even join some yourself. You can join up to five guilds, so choose carefully which guilds you want to join!

To join a guild, visit the channel you'd like to represent whilst they are streaming and enter $rpg guild join into the chat.


By contributing 250 bits, an additional hour will be extended to the total time, while this community bonus is active, all guild merit points will be doubled.

The community guild bonus is currently not active, to activate this bonus, anyone can donate to 250 bits to the ArtsFox channel on twitch

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Owned by @2lives1stream

This community is just about having the stream on the side as a secondary focus and being able to concentrate on work or other main activities, with the only sounds being the ones you need to hear. All alerts, no distractions. Though, we can also have chill discussion in the chat or work together to beat the interactive stream video game using Twitch commands as the shared controller!

Experience: 3,745,340

Members: 532

Toxic Waste

Owned by @toxicdevilttv

kill with us or get wasted

Experience: 2,756,810

Members: 367

Dragon's Den

Owned by @1_nightdragon

The Dragon's Den is a place to hang out with like-minded RPG players. Grab an empty den, settle in on your growing hoard and relax with us. We run casual guild raids and play a variety of games while battling our hearts out in RPG.

Experience: 1,281,985

Members: 210

Penguin Mafia

Owned by @meridlyn

Spread the Penguins, spread them all! ... Yes, we have Cookies too!

Experience: 569,475

Members: 204

Sugar Rush Mountain

Owned by @SugaredYetiGaming

Welcome to the Sugar Rush Mountain a guild that thrives on good vibes and good times anyone is welcome to come hang out and enjoy the Sugar Rush Village all we ask is please be friendly to all our other guild members and be respectful to one another!

Experience: 428,980

Members: 70

Big Bad Bruins

Owned by @visionz44

Don't Poke the bear!

Experience: 373,950

Members: 143


Owned by @pithera

Because at heart you know: There's a career at Wendy's for all of us.

Experience: 327,265

Members: 77

Comfy Cozy Champions

Owned by @comfycozystream

Cozy up and $rpg battle and raid with us! Chill 24/7 radio stream chat community with alert sound effect for battle times!

Experience: 236,450

Members: 64

Swampy's Kingdom

Owned by @kingofeds123

Grab a cup of tea and come sit by the hearth as we gather round to celebrate the joys of gaming.

Experience: 185,870

Members: 8

Ma Toes Brigade

Owned by @MatosWrld

Chill zone to play RPG and build our clan up

Experience: 173,365

Members: 19

Good Doggos

Owned by @deputydoggo42

Experience: 165,255

Members: 53

The Forgetful

Owned by @naribunny

Midnight Invaders.... when they rememeber.

Experience: 156,540

Members: 76

The Land of Lurkers

Owned by @datdaddyzaddy

We at Vibe Nation, Lurkville, Land of the Lurkers welcome you to hydrate, blaze and craze with us ❤️ Please come enjoy your Stay and Slay.

Experience: 122,500

Members: 34


Owned by @GoodNufPainting

Charity based miniature painting services meets chat and stream games! Fostering a positive environment to try and promote as many other small creators as possible!

Experience: 86,310

Members: 61


Owned by @galaxymaxwellgod

I and everyone else can help each other.

Experience: 82,070

Members: 10

Bugging Out Clan

Owned by @sanneolivia

Bugs of the world unite!! Looking at world domination. One small space at a time.

Experience: 76,070

Members: 67

The Kauldron

Owned by @Krasher247

A Melting Pot of people who have come together for the ' Greater Good ' What the ' Great Good ' means is different for each member. Some may seek the betterment of the Clan, others the Community, while others make Selfish Conquests for Glory and Riches !!!

Experience: 73,975

Members: 11

Ninja Clan

Owned by @oldcrazyninja

A clan of misfits made ninjas. Where all are accepted and protected!

Experience: 70,590

Members: 28

The Granny Army

Owned by @inarawulf

Granny Army, Experience comes with age!

Experience: 66,950

Members: 42

The Ronin Garden

Owned by @tundrachick

Being tranquil like the Ronin as he steps through the garden of Zen.

Experience: 66,855

Members: 9

Clan Ragdoll

Owned by @Ragdoll_Trainer

We are Clan Ragdoll! Made of cloth and filled with things like cotton/rice/or sand. With love and repairs a real Ragdoll can live forever. Fear the ever mending Ragdoll!

Experience: 51,765

Members: 20

Orange Lemon

Owned by @artsfox

A guild made because a lemon is orange but an orange is not a lemon.

Experience: 41,145

Members: 0


Owned by @unrre4l

Day one on the alien planet. The UNRRE4L Armada is stranded on uknown territory in the far reaches of the UNRRE4L UNIVERSE and is left to colonize with the small population that survived the crash landing on planet RPG. Using the little resources remaining and fending off what the planet has to offer, let us gather close and work together to build a new civilization in the UU

Experience: 37,295

Members: 12

The Fox Den

Owned by @slainfox


Experience: 36,995

Members: 19

Erratic Snow

Owned by @MisterMarvelous

We are the snowglobers community where the snow is always calm, and in an instant erratic. Nothing is simple, nothing is complex, it is all a mystery of chaos!

Experience: 32,810

Members: 12

T4: Together To The Top

Owned by @kmtlol

Our mission statement is “Together To The Top”. The T4 stream team was established on the foundation of having a positive mindset and a willingness to help others. Throughout our journey of pushing for various goals on Twitch, the members of the stream team have developed a strong bond and ever-lasting friendships. The spirit of T4 is to continue sharing the sense of camaraderie with all members, and help each other reach their full potential.

Experience: 27,630

Members: 11

Puns of Xanth

Owned by @xanth_fan

Anyone who loves the land of Xanth

Experience: 27,380

Members: 3

Morty's Mayhemmers

Owned by @incrediblewatty

We're not always online, but when we are, we're $rpg'ing! Let's defeat some baddies together, raid some dungeons, and build a guild castle.

Experience: 25,885

Members: 11

Keyboard Warriors

Owned by @dwadesblazin

This is a guild for the late night warriors who just need a safe place to smash on their keys without the worry of stares from others. Will typically be running guild raids and boss battles Sunday-Thursday nights after 11 PM EST!

Experience: 25,670

Members: 7


Owned by @xangelprincessx

Welcome to Hylashire, If you want somewhere to call home then join us to be a part of one of the most friendly and welcoming communities. Come relax and have fun meet new friends for life and even family. I hope you enjoy your time with us ♥

Experience: 24,975

Members: 11

TioMostFrio and his Chocolateers

Owned by @TioMostFrio

Come join TioMostFrio and his merry men of Chocolateers. There is always room for more, come hang out and have fun.

Experience: 23,940

Members: 6

The Feather Crew

Owned by @tori_vemara

We flit, we float, We are the feather crew. We take flight to the fight the baddies. We fight together. As we must, flock together.

Experience: 22,330

Members: 8

Royal warriors

Owned by @queenbeejane86

Fighting to for justice and growing to protect all

Experience: 22,120

Members: 5

DSul Army

Owned by @dsulhour

Phasmophobia and horror professionals. We are a loving, caring and tightknit community that tackle every battle together as one.

Experience: 20,940

Members: 22

Penguin Warriors

Owned by @Maelstromdal

Penguins willing to fight for their right to party!

Experience: 20,675

Members: 3

Meme Team

Owned by @placid4u

Marathon of antics with or without friends. Explore the world of League of Legends, Dead by Daylight, or laugh while fellow friends are sabotaging our Campaigns in Team games. ^_^

Experience: 20,115

Members: 72

Guild of Heros

Owned by @runeulfguardian

Everyone is a Hero in there own way to somebody. Chill down to Earth people can be found here as we keep chat clear of monsters.

Experience: 12,280

Members: 14

The Nerdy Ones

Owned by @nerdywhiteboy3

Experience: 12,160

Members: 30


Owned by @Chrono_Triggers

We're a guild of wonderful dog lovers who share a love of both games and dogs while chillin and hanging out playing rpg community game.

Experience: 12,015

Members: 5


Owned by @zeldaholich

I'm the sexiest Zelda streamer on twitch. In the stream we have a lot of fun chilling and talking a lot of smack on Artsfox while I do either a Zelda randomizer or a Mario speedrun. The guild is set in the desolate land of termina where creatures of every kind, brought to life by the evil moon, attempt to attack the townspeople of Clocktown.

Experience: 11,570

Members: 6

The Flatiators

Owned by @Fat2FlatPat

We've come, we've conquered and now we are here to spread our good vibes and chill demeanor to anybody wanting to come and join us on our always enjoyable and always intense raid battles!

Experience: 9,240

Members: 12

Romping Otters

Owned by @1nerdgirl

Chillin' Otters Battling and Enjoying the loot!

Experience: 9,160

Members: 12

House Of Weinberg

Owned by @itsedekit

Since The Dawn Of Medieval Times, Warriors gathered under The House Of Weinberg in nobility, bravery & victory. Join our arms in the fight against evil and bring this world back into the light.

Experience: 8,845

Members: 2

Loki's Adventurers

Owned by @lokihexdrag

Just a guild to work on progress in the rpg game Shadowmont, as a group, for anyone who feels like playing. New players are welcome, as more experienced players.

Experience: 7,345

Members: 4

Space Travelers

Owned by @thornofnight

My crew of space travelers, seeking out new life, and destroying it.

Experience: 6,955

Members: 4

We Are The Cleansing

Owned by @OfficialPlagues

This is the Official Guild for We Are The Cleansing, which is a part the immersive experience provided by the conceptual metal band, Plagues, who is headed by the enigmatic Elder of Light, Osorio.

Experience: 6,755

Members: 10

The Salty sPlatoon

Owned by @mattb0624

The Salty sPlatoon is a notorious guild in the RPG Bot Community. This guild is made up of battle-hardened adventurers, who have dedicated their lives to taking on the toughest quests and battles in the land.

Led by the Guild Master, a grizzled warrior named Mattb0624, the Salty sPlatoon takes on quests and missions that require their unique combination of skills.

While their primary focus is on taking on the toughest quests and battles, the Salty sPlatoon is also known for their raucous parties and celebrations. The tavern is always filled with music, laughter, and the clinking of tankards. Many adventurers dream of joining the Salty sPlatoon, if only for a chance to experience the wild and unpredictable lifestyle of this notorious guild.

The Salty sPlatoon may be a raucous and rowdy guild, but their dedication to justice and protection is very real. With their fierce and skilled members, they are a force to be reckoned with in the RPG Bot Community.

Experience: 6,755

Members: 11

The Agency

Owned by @jaypuffsgaming

Welcome to the Agency. $rpg guild join for debriefing. $rpg profile to see the full stats and equipment for your Character, and Drop by ArtsFox on twitch, sub for bonus stuff!

Experience: 6,465

Members: 4

The Stank Tank

Owned by @moldyflounder

Welcome to the The Stank Tank! We welcome all with open arms, as we strive to make the community as fun and safe for everyone as possible! We shall learn and grow together as we fight all the baddies that come our way! We are looking forward to meeting as many people as possible!

Experience: 4,935

Members: 1


Owned by @iiwolfyyy

Welcome to everyone and all about the good times, this community is for relaxation and fun times with one another, become a part of the pack today!

Experience: 3,610

Members: 7


Owned by @bro4ever7

Just a bunch of misfit gamers coming together for some fun with battles and raids. Come hang out with us for fun and laughter!

Experience: 3,435

Members: 2


Owned by @alien_angel20

Fight together, Chat together, lets have fun and build an Army!

Experience: 3,110

Members: 5

Blue Moon Cafade

Owned by @lessieal

A cafe/arcade where you serve the neko maids. Welcoming customers, neko maids, and neko butlers alike.

Experience: 2,775

Members: 4

Shylent Kingdom

Owned by @ShylentKnight

We are silent. We are shy. We are knights. Join the adventures with the guild leader ShylentKnight!

Experience: 2,545

Members: 1

Loth Dungeon Crawlers

Owned by @l0thr0p

Come join Lothrop and chat for some MOBA and MMO action, along with friendly banter and several community games. Occasional coding may also occur.

Experience: 2,290

Members: 6

Clan of Attack

Owned by @krysanthemum1

Cats? Check. RPG? Check.

Hang out with my cats and I as we plan our attack in Shadowmont RPG!

Looking to build a friendly guild of players whether seasoned veterans or new to battle, raid, build and more!

Experience: 1,725

Members: 4

Knights Of Azure

Owned by @goodknightdogo

(Clan of azure the wolf knight)

Experience: 1,535

Members: 1

Door Factory

Owned by @deceptivedoorr

Welcome to the door factory, where every door leads to nothing or something, no way to know until you open it. Be it oblivion or right next door, there's an entrance for anything.

Experience: 1,430

Members: 0

The Cluster

Owned by @rcleardiamond

Welcome to the RealClearDiamond RPG Guild, lets try to be the BEST!

Experience: 1,270

Members: 2

Keatran's Undead

Owned by @keatrangaming

We're a bunch of nutters who love DnD, lets kill some bosses

Experience: 1,240

Members: 2

The Cluster

Owned by @realcleardiamond

Welcome to the RealClearDiamond RPG Guild, lets try to be the BEST!

Experience: 1,225

Members: 3


Owned by @clemmondvoxsaur

Saurs Guild Unleash the unexpected in adventure and camaraderie!

Experience: 775

Members: 4

Corgi Cult

Owned by @caspersgg

Corgi here Corgi there and ready for battle and to take over the world one Corgi at a time

Experience: 560

Members: 5

Toolbox Tactical

Owned by @twodumbmechanics

The task ahead will be difficult and full of danger. Bring the right tool for the job.

Experience: 0

Members: 0