You'll find player tutorials to get you started on the game.


When you do your first command, you will be given a bow and 250 stone arrows. Do the commands $rpg equip bow and $rpg equip stone arrow to equip these items. You may do the $rpg claim archery command as long as your archery level is less than 5 and you have less than 250 stone arrows.

Raid the forest and plant wheat seeds as soon as possible to get started on your house. The command to upgrade your house is $rpg upgrade house, which also allows you see what items you need for the upgrade. You need logs for low tier tools and fishing rods. Join guild raids when possible

  • easy raids give stone arrows and some iron armor

  • pirate raids give easy mage gear for mana

  • dragon raids give steel axes for forest raids

Focus on making/equipping copper or iron armor if possible; though, skeletons will give you copper swords. Start raiding the mines with pickaxes you’ve gotten from battling- don’t make tools until you have a full set of armor, whether it’s copper or iron. Focus on leveling your combat and smithing first, as you’ll need smithing to make higher tier tools/armor and combat to wear the armor.

Author: 1_nightdragon

Video tutorials

Below are a few videos on how to begin playing RPGCB

RPGCB Introduction Guide by Meridlyn

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Author: Meridlyn