Shadowmont City

Help build the city by gathering materials, donating resources to the city, battling off enemies and more!

Grow strong together and defend the city of Shadowmont as a community, we're counting on you!

Notice board!

I am reaching out to all citizens of Shadowmont. The king has requested that the knights of Shadowmont aid the citizens in helping build the city of Shadowmont bigger and stronger.

The king has requested that, for each citizen that donates to the city, the knights will aid you in combat to help you bring back 5% additional loot from your battles. On top of this, the knights will help you with your resource gathering by increasing your raid rewards by 5%.

To get our assistance, we require that a citizen donate at least 1,000 items per week. Any item is acceptable and will be enough for us to help you in your battles and raids.

Raid Loot Bonus: 15

Additional farming community plots: 0