A skill is an activity that can be performed in RPGCB, each skill will benefit you in multiple ways.

Name Prestige buff
Character You will get an extra 100% of coins from battles, and extra 5 gems when battling in a streamer's gem day.
Woodcutting Increases your loot from the forest and jungle raids by 10%
Mining Increases your loot from the mines, quarry and the volcano raids by 10%
Fishing Increases your loot from the ocean raid by 10%
Combat Increase your warrior damage in combat by 20%
Smithing For every 100 items made, have a 1% chance to receive a t1 of that item
Cooking 10% increase to merits when donating to the guild
Farming Get an extra plot to use when planting seeds.
Magic Mana consumption is reduced by 10%
Fletching Chance to double arrows when fletching
Potion-making Buff effects are increased by 20%
Salvaging 1% chance to get all resources back
Archery 10% increase to battles and 10% chance to not consume ammo
Slayer 5% chance to not consume slayer item
Devotion 2% reduction on mana cost