Items which can be worn

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Aqurazite arrow
Aqurazite arrow (e)
Aqurazite arrow (eii)
Aqurazite arrow (eiii)
Aqurazite arrow (eiv)
Aqurazite arrow (ev)
Aqurazite boots
Aqurazite chestplate
Aqurazite gauntlets
Aqurazite helmet
Aqurazite platelegs
Aqurazite shield
Aqurazite sword
Archery necklace
Barkeep boots
Barkeep head
Barkeep pants
Barkeep top
Black beret
Black ribbon
Blood dragon hide body
Blood dragon hide boots
Blood dragon hide bracers
Blood dragon hide chaps
Blood shard ring
Blue beret
Blue partyhat
Blue ribbon
Bone arrow
Bucket helmet
Captain boots
Captain gloves
Captain hat
Captain pants
Captain shirt
Captain sword
Cat mask
Champion slayer cloak
Chaos dragon hide body
Chaos dragon hide boots
Chaos dragon hide bracers
Chaos dragon hide chaps
Chef apron
Chef hat
Copper arrow
Copper arrow (e)
Copper arrow (eii)
Copper arrow (eiii)
Copper arrow (eiv)
Copper arrow (ev)
Copper boots
Copper chestplate
Copper gauntlets
Copper helmet
Copper platelegs
Copper shield
Copper sword
Crystal arrow
Damaged book
Devil boots
Devil horns
Devil pants
Devil top
Devil weapon
Devil wings
Diamond mahogany staff
Diamond oak staff
Diamond redwood staff
Diamond silk hood
Diamond silk top
Diamond staff
Diamond teak staff
Diamond willow staff
Diamond yew staff
Dog mask
Dragorite arrow
Dragorite arrow (e)
Dragorite arrow (eii)
Dragorite arrow (eiii)
Dragorite arrow (eiv)
Dragorite arrow (ev)
Dragorite boots
Dragorite chestplate
Dragorite gauntlets
Dragorite helmet
Dragorite platelegs
Dragorite shield
Dragorite sword
Ducky bottoms
Ducky feet
Ducky hat
Ducky shell
Ducky top
Easter ears
Easter scarf
Easter shoes
Easter top
Easy fisherman boots
Easy fisherman bottoms
Easy fisherman helmet
Easy fisherman top
Easy lumberjack boots
Easy lumberjack bottoms
Easy lumberjack helmet
Easy lumberjack top
Easy miner boots
Easy miner bottoms
Easy miner helmet
Easy miner top
Elemental boots
Elemental earth boots
Elemental earth bottoms
Elemental earth gloves
Elemental earth hat
Elemental earth top
Elemental flame boots
Elemental flame bottoms
Elemental flame gloves
Elemental flame hat
Elemental flame top
Elemental Frost boots
Elemental frost bottoms
Elemental frost gloves
Elemental frost hat
Elemental frost top
Elemental hat
Elemental robe bottoms
Elemental robe top
Elemental thunder boots
Elemental thunder bottoms
Elemental thunder gloves
Elemental thunder hat
Elemental thunder top
Elven crystal bow
Emerald mahogany staff
Emerald oak staff
Emerald redwood staff
Emerald silk hood
Emerald silk top
Emerald staff
Emerald teak staff
Emerald willow staff
Emerald yew staff
Enchanted book
Enchanted ice book
Exclusive shadowmont cloak
Farm sack
Farmer hat
Farmers boots
Farmers bottoms
Farmers gloves
Farmers hat
Farmers top
Fisherman loot ring
Fisherman luck ring
Focus necklace
Frost dragon hide body
Frost dragon hide boots
Frost dragon hide bracers
Frost dragon hide chaps
Gold ring
Golden crown
Green beret
Green partyhat
Green ribbon
Hard fisherman boots
Hard fisherman bottoms
Hard fisherman helmet
Hard fisherman top
Hard lumberjack boots
Hard lumberjack bottoms
Hard lumberjack helmet
Hard lumberjack top
Hard miner boots
Hard miner bottoms
Hard miner helmet
Hard miner top
Ice fisherman necklace
Iron arrow
Iron arrow (e)
Iron arrow (eii)
Iron arrow (eiii)
Iron arrow (eiv)
Iron arrow (ev)
Iron boots
Iron chestplate
Iron gauntlets
Iron helmet
Iron platelegs
Iron shield
Iron sword
Jester boots
Jester hat
Jester leggings
Jester top
Lumberjack loot ring
Lumberjack luck ring
Mage boots
Mage cloak
Mage gloves
Mage hat
Mage robe bottoms
Mage robe top
Magic ring
Mahogany bow
Mahogany staff
Mana necklace
Mana necklace (p)
Mana ring
Manticore Cloak
Max combat cape
Medium fisherman boots
Medium fisherman bottoms
Medium fisherman helmet
Medium fisherman top
Medium lumberjack boots
Medium lumberjack bottoms
Medium lumberjack helmet
Medium lumberjack top
Medium miner boots
Medium miner bottoms
Medium miner helmet
Medium miner top
Miner helmet
Miner helmet
Miners bag
Miners loot ring
Miners luck ring
Molten accuracy ring
Molten miners necklace
Mythryl arrow
Mythryl arrow (e)
Mythryl arrow (eii)
Mythryl arrow (eiii)
Mythryl arrow (eiv)
Mythryl arrow (ev)
Mythryl boots
Mythryl chestplate
Mythryl gauntlets
Mythryl helmet
Mythryl platelegs
Mythryl shield
Mythryl sword
Oak bow
Oak staff
Orange beret
Orange Halloween boots
Orange Halloween bottoms
Orange Halloween hat
Orange Halloween top
Orange ribbon
Oxtizmite boots
Oxtizmite chestplate
Oxtizmite gauntlets
Oxtizmite helmet
Oxtizmite platelegs
Oxtizmite shield
Oxtizmite sword
Penguin mask
Perfect mana ring
Pink partyhat
Pirate bandana
Pirate boots
Pirate hook
Pirate pants
Pirate shirt
Pirate sword
Pithera Gorilla body
Pithera Gorilla boots
Pithera Gorilla gloves
Pithera Gorilla head
Pithera Gorilla legs
Pithera platinum boots
Power necklace
Preservation ring
Pumpking boots
Pumpking gloves
Pumpking head
Pumpking pants
Pumpking sword
Pumpking top
Purple partyhat
Red beret
Red cape
Red Halloween body
Red Halloween boots
Red Halloween bottoms
Red Halloween cloak
Red Halloween gloves
Red Halloween hat
Red partyhat
Red ribbon
Redwood bow
Redwood staff
Ruby mahogany staff
Ruby oak staff
Ruby redwood staff
Ruby silk hood
Ruby silk top
Ruby staff
Ruby teak staff
Ruby willow staff
Ruby yew staff
Santa body
Santa boots
Santa gloves
Santa hat
Santa legs
Sapphire mahogany staff
Sapphire necklace
Sapphire oak staff
Sapphire redwood staff
Sapphire ring
Sapphire silk hood
Sapphire silk top
Sapphire staff
Sapphire teak staff
Sapphire willow staff
Sapphire yew staff
Scrappy archery cloak
Scrappy woodcutting necklace
Seasons ring
Shadow dragon hide body
Shadow dragon hide boots
Shadow dragon hide bracers
Shadow dragon hide chaps
Silk robe hood
Silk robe top
Slayer blade
Slayer body
Slayer boots
Slayer cloak
Slayer gauntlets
Slayer helmet
Slayer legs
Slayer necklace
Slayer ring
Slayer shield
Slime boots
Slime bottoms
Slime gloves
Slime hat
Slime top
Staff of the sea
Steampunk body
Steampunk boots
Steampunk gloves
Steampunk hat
Steampunk pants
Steel arrow
Steel arrow (e)
Steel arrow (eii)
Steel arrow (eiii)
Steel arrow (eiv)
Steel arrow (ev)
Steel boots
Steel chestplate
Steel gauntlets
Steel helmet
Steel platelegs
Steel shield
Steel sword
Stone arrow
Strength necklace
Summer sandals
Summer shorts
Summer swim top
Sun ring
Swimsuit bottoms
Swimsuit shoes
Swimsuit top
Teak bow
Teak staff
Thalias necklace
Turkey hat
Warrior ring
Werewolf boots
Werewolf hide body
Werewolf hide bracers
Werewolf hide chaps
Werewolf hide helm
White beret
White Halloween boots
White Halloween bottoms
White Halloween gloves
White Halloween hat
White Halloween top
White ribbon
Willow bow
Willow staff
Wolf hide body
Wolf hide boots
Wolf hide bracers
Wolf hide chaps
Wyrm body
Wyrm boots
Wyrm bracers
Wyrm chaps
Wyrm helmet
Wyvern hide body
Wyvern hide boots
Wyvern hide bracers
Wyvern hide chaps
Yellow cape
Yew bow
Yew staff