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This section of the discord will be dedicated to explaining core mechanics of the game, each section will be broken down and you'll be able to find out majority of the information from this tab. If you still don't understand something, feel free to ask and we will add it to this section for you.

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We've added a new section to the front-end of the website now, to introduce our amazing users and sponsors who help support the game even further, if you want to get your twitch channel on our front page, you can check out our gold sponsor membership on our Patreon at

RPG Community Bot

With todays update, we've made changes to how items work. You are now able to forge new existing items into a strong tier, you will be able to make higher tier items which the command $rpg forge tier {number} {item_name}.

For each tier you upgrade an item, you will receive a 10% bonus of the base stats increased, e.g. a tier 1 copper sword has a kill rate of 1, at tier 5, this would be 1.5

To equip this item, you can use the same equip command, but using the tier {number} before the item name, e.g. $rpg equip tier 3 copper sword

These will reflect on your profile, also to add to the profile, we're starting to add basic stats of your character, so you will not be able to see how much mana and kill percentage you have.

Tiered armour will effect all bonus of your stats, this includes rate you consume arrows in archery battles and the amount of mana your character has, so be sure to upgrade your bows and staffs!

As always, I thank each and everyone of you for your continued support on this project, you all made the bot what it is today

RPG Community Bot - Community bonus rewards

• For every gifted sub to the 'ArtsFox' twitch channel, an hour will be extended to a community bonus where kills will be increased by 25%

• We're looking at extending this so that for any gifted sub to a streamers channel, 15 minutes will be extended to the timer, however because we announce this message to all live streamers, we will be looking at a way to implement this without spamming chat.