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This is a personal blog that I am working on to help give daily updates to the game, these are quick updates which aren't news worthy

Development Blog #5

Two new ideas coming this month and next month

Channel Boss

Every time a player battles in a channel, there will be a 1 in 250 chance that the streamer will receive a random boss scroll. This scroll can then be used to summon a stream boss.

Summoning this boss will prompt a message in the discord that a boss has been spawned in a stream. Once spawned, the boss will have 5,000 health, for example, and every 4 hours you will be able to battle it.

Fighting the stream boss will deplete his health bar and each attempt will reward you with loot. Once defeated, the boss will drop bigger loot, including rare armour and pets.

Slayer Enemies

We will be opening up a new shop in the store soon and the currency for this will be coins!

Every so often, an enemy will spawn that will have a slayer level and require an item to defeat them.

For example, a cockatrice could spawn, which will require a level of 15 slayer and require seeds to defeat them. The slayer level will not be a requirement to kill them, but the slayer level will affect how many kills you get. E.g., if it requires a level 15 slayer and you have a level 15 slayer, you will get the normal 100% kills. If you are slayer level 10, you will get 20% fewer kills.

Each kill will require one of those items, e.g. killing 150 cockatrice will require 150 seeds.

Pet Log, Achievement Logs and Combat Tasks

We're going to be adding a completion percentage to the game to show just how far you’ve come!

Pet Log

This will show how many pets you have and how many you have left to obtain.

Achievement Logs

This is going to be a huge range of tasks, from crafting a normal bow, to making a diamond redwood staff or making 2,500 pieces of bread in one command.

Combat Tasks

These tasks will be related to combat and will range from defeating 50 slimes using a copper sword to defeating 500 earth wizards without buffs.

Created by ArtsFox, Monday, September 5, 2022

Development Blog #4

Few ideas for updates in the next upcoming months

World Map Battles

For this idea, I am looking at creating a world map, roughly a 200x200 grid, each guild will be placed randomly somewhere on the map. From this point, players will be able to scout the world map and report back to guild leaders saying "A horde of Wyverns have just spawned at location 86, 87!". A guild master will then be able to use the command "$rpg guild attack 86, 87" to attack the monster.

Players in the guild will be able to contribute to rewards by donating troops to the guild such as soldiers, archers,. torseback and many more.

A new enemy will spawn on the map every 5 minutes, until there is roughly 50 enemies on the grid. Battles in the world map will be first come, first serve, first guild leader to enter the attack command, gets the reward.

Addition avatar slots

I posted on Discord recently a new poll, asking about the thoughts of new additional avatar slots, this will allow you to have new avatars for mining, fishing and woodcutting (miner, fisherman and lumberjack). This new feature will allow us to include outfits from quests and new jewelery to boost raids in the certain locations.


Quests will be a new mechanic in the game where you will be able to chat with an NPC and obtain a quest from them, e.g. you will be able to speak with an npc who is a fisherman. This quest will involve getting a certain fish from a certain biome this fish can only be obtained while on said quest. Quests will reward users with gold, experience related to that quest and points which can be spent in the shop.

NPC dialog and gifts

We're looking at adding NPCs to the game through the website. This will allow you to interact and chat with certain npcs and have conversations with them. You will gain friendship points with them which can be earned through certain dialog commands and gifting them their favourite items.

Reaching a certain friendship level will unlock additional recipes and you will recieve items once a day in the mail from them.

Created by ArtsFox, Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Development Blog #3


Today I am focusing on making a few adjustments to the website, I would like to aim to getting the current active buffs on the players profile, make the crop icons slightly smaller as suggested by 'LostTraveling' and also get all the plants and their times on the data tab.


I will be adding in some new pets today also, these includes the 'wolf pet', 'skeleton pet' and 'spider pet'

Other updates

I am still waiting on a few updates for the design on the mage boots and mage gloves, but hopefully we will

Created by ArtsFox, Thursday, June 16, 2022

Development Blog #2

Yesterday I finally got the first step to the new raid / recipe system running on the development enviroment, when crafting a some glass, you will get the glass as normal, but will also recieve the bucket back. The next step in this process is to now have it so when you raid the desert or the ocean, it will use a bucket to give a bucket of a sand, rather than giving you bags of sand. This is allow us to remove bags of sand and keep the gather of sand much more simpler.

Today I will also be looking into a few bugs with the bot, not being able to complete a guild raid. Our artist, Steven is also hard at work on the designing the mage boots and gloves still so we should hopefully see some progress on that soon.

Created by ArtsFox, Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Development Blog #1

Start of the development blog

So I've just setup a small page, where I will be able to post smaller details that are currently in the development. My goal is to post here daily just so the players will be able to see what the current development plans are throughout the day and what I might be working on at the current time.


Today I will be taking a deeper look into farming, the last day or so I've made adjustments to the farming skill which will require a farming level on certain plots and made an adjustment which allows players to have additional plots based on their farming level. For every 20 levels you have in farming, a new plot will be available.

The current plans for farming right now is to allow players, once they achieve a tier 3 house, they will be able to build a green house, this will increase all the crops you grow by 5% and also increase the amount of crops you can grow by 2. The next update will be to allow players to create compost, there will be three tiers of compost, tier one will provide 5% increase growing time, tier 2 will be 10% and tier 3 will be 15%

Mage gear

Our artist right now is currently designing mage boots and gloves, these will be dropped from a new enemy which will be released into the game, 'Warlocks', these will attack just like any other enemy but will have a 1 in 750 chance to drop either boots, or gloves. Equipping these boots and gloves will provide 10+ mana each.

Update to recipes

I will also be updating recipes so certain recipes give additional items back, e.g. creating a bucket will give back the bucket.


That's all I have for today, hope you all find this blog post useful

Created by ArtsFox, Tuesday, June 14, 2022