Items can be crafted or obtained from battles and raids.

Accuracy enchantment
Accuracy scroll
Amethyst ring
Ancient mineral egg
Angel platypus egg
Anniversary token
Apple pie
Apple seed
Apritonantis tusk
Aqurazite arrow
Aqurazite arrow (e)
Aqurazite arrow (eii)
Aqurazite arrow (eiii)
Aqurazite arrow (eiv)
Aqurazite arrow (ev)
Aqurazite axe
Aqurazite bar
Aqurazite boots
Aqurazite chestplate
Aqurazite gauntlets
Aqurazite helmet
Aqurazite ore
Aqurazite pickaxe
Aqurazite platelegs
Aqurazite shard
Aqurazite shield
Aqurazite spade
Aqurazite sword
Archery necklace
Arrow shaft
Artisan enchantment
Auis metallis feather
Avem deserti feather
Avis maris feather
Baby Cthulhu
Baby harvestr
Bag of salt
Bag of sand
Bamboo rod
Barkeep boots
Barkeep head
Barkeep pants
Barkeep top
Barn owl egg
Bat eyes
Bat wings
Battle coin
Beast craftsman enchantment
Beast efficiency enchantment
Beast killer enchantment
Bee forest egg
Birch logs
Birch plank
Black beret
Black ribbon
Blackcurrant candy
Blackcurrant pumpking egg
Blood dragon egg
Blood dragon head
Blood dragon hide body
Blood dragon hide boots
Blood dragon hide bracers
Blood dragon hide chaps
Blood dragon leather
Blood dragon shard
Blood shard
Blood shard fragment
Blood shard ring
Blue beret
Blue partyhat
Blue ribbon
Blue will-o-wisp egg
Boar hide
Boar meat
Boar tusk
Bone arrow
Boss battle token
Bowl of candy
Bucket helmet
Bucket of milk
Bucket of sand
Bucket of water
Bunny egg
Butterfly fish
Cabbage seed
Cactus seed
Captain boots
Captain gloves
Captain hat
Captain pants
Captain shirt
Captain sword
Cat mask
Champion slayer cloak
Chaos dragon egg
Chaos dragon head
Chaos dragon hide body
Chaos dragon hide boots
Chaos dragon hide bracers
Chaos dragon hide chaps
Chaos dragon leather
Chaos dragon shard
Charity corgi egg
Chef apron
Chef hat
Chorzone desert temple scroll
Chorzone ice temple scroll
Chorzone jungle temple scroll
Chorzone miniboss summon
Chorzone ocean temple scroll
Chorzone pet egg
Chorzone summon
Chorzone temple scroll
Chorzone underground temple scroll
Chorzone volcano temple scroll
Christmas cracker
Christmas present mimic egg
Chromaraptor egg
Coal titan egg
Cocoa beans
Complete wyrm map
Composter enchantment
Cooked beef
Cooked boar
Cooked bullhead
Cooked carp
Cooked catfish
Cooked chicken
Cooked cod
Cooked crab meat
Cooked eel
Cooked mackerel
Cooked pike
Cooked potato
Cooked rabbit
Cooked roach
Cooked salmon
Cooked sturgeon
Cooked tigerfish
Cooked trout
Cooked tuna
Cooked turkey
Copper arrow
Copper arrow (e)
Copper arrow (eii)
Copper arrow (eiii)
Copper arrow (eiv)
Copper arrow (ev)
Copper axe
Copper bar
Copper boots
Copper chestplate
Copper gauntlets
Copper helmet
Copper ore
Copper pickaxe
Copper platelegs
Copper shield
Copper spade
Copper sword
Corgi egg
Cow milk
Crab claw
Crab shell
Cracked gold ore
Crops seed crate
Crystal arrow
Cyclops camp raid scroll
Cyclops egg
Damaged book
Dark oak logs
Dark oak plank
Desert boss summon
Desert praedam map
Desert slime ball
Desert wyrm tooth
Devil boots
Devil horns
Devil pants
Devil top
Devil weapon
Devil wings
Diamond mahogany staff
Diamond oak staff
Diamond redwood staff
Diamond ring
Diamond silk hood
Diamond silk top
Diamond staff
Diamond teak staff
Diamond willow staff
Diamond yew staff
Dog mask
Draakenox egg
Dragon bones
Dragon book i
Dragon book ii
Dragon book iii
Dragon book iv
Dragon book set
Dragon raid scroll
Dragorite arrow
Dragorite arrow (e)
Dragorite arrow (eii)
Dragorite arrow (eiii)
Dragorite arrow (eiv)
Dragorite arrow (ev)
Dragorite axe
Dragorite bar
Dragorite boots
Dragorite chestplate
Dragorite gauntlets
Dragorite helmet
Dragorite pickaxe
Dragorite platelegs
Dragorite scale
Dragorite shield
Dragorite sword
Druid enchantment
Dry core
Dry wyrm egg
Ducky bottoms
Ducky feet
Ducky hat
Ducky shell
Ducky top
Dusk crystal
Earth crystal
Earth elemental dog egg
Earth orb (t1)
Earth orb (t10)
Earth orb (t2)
Earth orb (t3)
Earth orb (t4)
Earth orb (t5)
Earth orb (t6)
Earth orb (t7)
Earth orb (t8)
Earth orb (t9)
Easter ears
Easter egg
Easter scarf
Easter shoes
Easter token
Easter top
Easy dungeon raid scroll
Easy fisherman boots
Easy fisherman bottoms
Easy fisherman helmet
Easy fisherman top
Easy lumberjack boots
Easy lumberjack bottoms
Easy lumberjack helmet
Easy lumberjack top
Easy miner boots
Easy miner bottoms
Easy miner helmet
Easy miner top
Elemental boots
Elemental earth boots
Elemental earth bottoms
Elemental earth gloves
Elemental earth hat
Elemental earth top
Elemental flame boots
Elemental flame bottoms
Elemental flame gloves
Elemental flame hat
Elemental flame top
Elemental Frost boots
Elemental frost bottoms
Elemental frost gloves
Elemental frost hat
Elemental frost top
Elemental hat
Elemental robe bottoms
Elemental robe top
Elemental thunder boots
Elemental thunder bottoms
Elemental thunder gloves
Elemental thunder hat
Elemental thunder top
Elements enchantment
Elite mob raid scroll
Elven city raid
Elven crystal bow
Emerald mahogany staff
Emerald necklace
Emerald oak staff
Emerald redwood staff
Emerald ring
Emerald silk hood
Emerald silk top
Emerald staff
Emerald teak staff
Emerald willow staff
Emerald yew staff
Enchanted book
Enchanted earth page
Enchanted electric page
Enchanted fire page
Enchanted ice book
Enchanted notes
Enchanted pearl
Enchanted tree spirit head
Enchanted water page
Eternal dragon egg
Exclusive shadowmont cloak
External dragon summon
Farm sack
Farmer hat
Farmers boots
Farmers bottoms
Farmers gloves
Farmers hat
Farmers top
Festive token
Fire crop
Fire crystal
Fire elemental dog egg
Fire orb (t1)
Fire orb (t10)
Fire orb (t2)
Fire orb (t3)
Fire orb (t4)
Fire orb (t5)
Fire orb (t6)
Fire orb (t7)
Fire orb (t8)
Fire orb (t9)
fire seed
Fish in a bucket
Fisherman loot ring
Fisherman luck ring
Fisherman token
Fishing rod
Flaming platypus egg
Flower seed crate
Focus necklace
Frost axe
Frost core
Frost dragon egg
Frost dragon head
Frost dragon hide body
Frost dragon hide boots
Frost dragon hide bracers
Frost dragon hide chaps
Frost dragon leather
Frost dragon shard
Frost wyrm egg
Fruit salad
Fungi spray
Gel fish
Ghost corgi egg
Ghost fish
Giant bones
Giants bone shard
Glowing mushroom
Gold bar
Gold ore
Gold ring
Gold turkey
Golden bunny egg
Golden coin egg
Golden conductor shell
Golden crown
Golden farming token
Golden pumpkin
Golem egg
Golem tree spirit egg
Green beret
Green partyhat
Green ribbon
Green thumb enchantment
Green will-o-wisp egg
Hairy seed
Halloween 2022 battlepass
Hard fisherman boots
Hard fisherman bottoms
Hard fisherman helmet
Hard fisherman top
Hard lumberjack boots
Hard lumberjack bottoms
Hard lumberjack helmet
Hard lumberjack top
Hard miner boots
Hard miner bottoms
Hard miner helmet
Hard miner top
Harpy crystal
Harpy feather
Harpy head
Harvester enchantment
Hill giant camp raid scroll
Hill giant egg
Hitman Pengu egg
Ice cooler
Ice fisherman necklace
Ice praedam map
Ice queen summon
Ice slime ball
Ice wyrm shard
Inn token
Iron arrow
Iron arrow (e)
Iron arrow (eii)
Iron arrow (eiii)
Iron arrow (eiv)
Iron arrow (ev)
Iron axe
Iron bar
Iron boots
Iron chestplate
Iron gauntlets
Iron helmet
Iron ore
Iron pickaxe
Iron platelegs
Iron shield
Iron spade
Iron sword
Jack (berto) egg
Jester boots
Jester hat
Jester leggings
Jester top
Jug of wine
Jungle demon summon
Jungle logs
Jungle praedam map
Jungle slime ball
Jungle wyrm egg
Jungle wyrm tooth
Jute fibre
Jute seed
King slime egg
King slime summon
Kozmas pet egg
Kozmas summon
Kraken egg
Kraken heart
Kraken summon
Large accuracy potion
Large agile potion
Large ammo preservation potion
Large boss battle potion
Large essence
Large fisherman potion
Large looting potion
Large mining potion
Large mushroom
Large raid potion
Large strength potion
Large vial
Large woodcutting potion
Lava slime ball
Lava titan summon
Lead axe
Lead bar
Lead ore
Lead pickaxe
Lemon candy
Lemon pumpking egg
Lettuce egg
Lily seed
Lime candy
Lime pumpking egg
Lumberjack loot ring
Lumberjack luck ring
Lumberjack token
Mage boots
Mage cloak
Mage gloves
Mage hat
Mage robe bottoms
Mage robe top
Magic ring
Magma shard
Mahogany bow
Mahogany logs
Mahogany plank
Mahogany seed
Mahogany staff
Malus Herba forst temple scroll
Malus herba seed
Malus Herba summon
Mana enchantment
Mana necklace
Mana necklace (p)
Mana potion
Mana ring
Manticore Cloak
Manticore egg
Manticore summon
Massive accuracy potion
Massive agile potion
Massive ammo preservation potion
Massive boss battle potion
Massive essence
Massive fisherman potion
Massive looting potion
Massive mining potion
Massive raid potion
Massive strength potion
Massive vial
Massive woodcutting potion
Max combat cape
Medium accuracy potion
Medium agile potion
Medium ammo preservation potion
Medium boss battle potion
Medium dungeon raid scroll
Medium essence
Medium fisherman boots
Medium fisherman bottoms
Medium fisherman helmet
Medium fisherman potion
Medium fisherman top
Medium looting potion
Medium lumberjack boots
Medium lumberjack bottoms
Medium lumberjack helmet
Medium lumberjack top
Medium miner boots
Medium miner bottoms
Medium miner helmet
Medium miner top
Medium mining potion
Medium raid potion
Medium strength potion
Medium vial
Medium woodcutting potion
Meteorite bar
Meteorite ore
Meteorite shard
Mimic egg
Miner helmet
Miner token
Miners bag
Miners loot ring
Miners luck ring
Molten accuracy ring
Molten core
Molten miners necklace
Molten pickaxe
Mushroom spore
Mythryl arrow
Mythryl arrow (e)
Mythryl arrow (eii)
Mythryl arrow (eiii)
Mythryl arrow (eiv)
Mythryl arrow (ev)
Mythryl axe
Mythryl bar
Mythryl boots
Mythryl chestplate
Mythryl gauntlets
Mythryl helmet
Mythryl ore
Mythryl pickaxe
Mythryl platelegs
Mythryl shard
Mythryl shield
Mythryl spade
Mythryl sword
Night gryphon egg
Oak bow
Oak logs
Oak plank
Oak staff
Obsidian stone
Oculothorax eyeball
Ogre camp raid scroll
Ogre egg
Orange beret
Orange candy
Orange Halloween boots
Orange Halloween bottoms
Orange Halloween hat
Orange Halloween top
Orange pumpking egg
Orange ribbon
Orange will-o-wisp egg
Oxtizmite boots
Oxtizmite chestplate
Oxtizmite gauntlets
Oxtizmite helmet
Oxtizmite platelegs
Oxtizmite shield
Oxtizmite sword
Palm logs
Palm oil
Palm tree seed
Patreon token
Penguin mask
Perfect mana ring
Pink partyhat
Pink slime ball
Pirate bandana
Pirate boots
Pirate hook
Pirate pants
Pirate raid scroll
Pirate shirt
Pirate sword
Pithera Gorilla body
Pithera Gorilla boots
Pithera Gorilla gloves
Pithera Gorilla head
Pithera Gorilla legs
Pithera platinum body
Pithera platinum boots
Pithera Platinum head
Pithera platinum legs
Pitheradactylus egg
Platinum fox egg
Poison spider antidote
Poison spider fang
Power enchantment
Power necklace
Preservation ring
Proficient fisherman enchantment
Proficient lumberjack enchantment
Proficient miner enchantment
Protector egg
Pumpata lollie
Pumpkin coal titan egg
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin seed
Pumpking boots
Pumpking egg
Pumpking gloves
Pumpking head
Pumpking pants
Pumpking summon
Pumpking sword
Pumpking top
Purple partyhat
Rabbit stew
Raid fishing pet egg
Raid forest pet egg
Raid mining pet egg
Raid token
Raspberry candy
Raspberry pumpking egg
Raw beef
Raw bullhead
Raw carp
Raw catfish
Raw chicken
Raw cod
Raw crab meat
Raw eel
Raw mackerel
Raw pike
Raw rabbit
Raw roach
Raw salmon
Raw sturgeon
Raw tigerfish
Raw trout
Raw tuna
Raw turkey
Red beret
Red cape
Red dye
Red Halloween body
Red Halloween boots
Red Halloween bottoms
Red Halloween cloak
Red Halloween gloves
Red Halloween hat
Red magic book i
Red magic book ii
Red magic book iii
Red magic book iv
Red magic book set
Red magic book v
Red partyhat
Red ribbon
Red will-o-wisp egg
Redberry pie
Redwood bow
Redwood logs
Redwood seed
Redwood staff
Regen enchantment
Resourceful enchantment
Roasted acorn
Rose seed
Ruby mahogany staff
Ruby necklace
Ruby oak staff
Ruby redwood staff
Ruby ring
Ruby silk hood
Ruby silk top
Ruby staff
Ruby teak staff
Ruby willow staff
Ruby yew staff
Sacred bones (birch)
Sacred bones (dark oak)
Sacred bones (jungle logs)
Sacred bones (logs)
Sacred bones (mahogany)
Sacred bones (oak)
Sacred bones (palm)
Sacred bones (redwood)
Sacred bones (teak)
Sacred bones (willow)
Sacred bones (yew)
Sacred dragon bones (birch)
Sacred dragon bones (dark oak)
Sacred dragon bones (jungle)
Sacred dragon bones (logs)
Sacred dragon bones (mahogany)
Sacred dragon bones (oak)
Sacred dragon bones (palm)
Sacred dragon bones (redwood)
Sacred dragon bones (teak)
Sacred dragon bones (willow)
Sacred dragon bones (yew)
Sacred giant bones (birch)
Sacred giant bones (dark oak)
Sacred giant bones (jungle)
Sacred giant bones (logs)
Sacred giant bones (mahogany)
Sacred giant bones (oak)
Sacred giant bones (palm)
Sacred giant bones (redwood)
Sacred giant bones (teak)
Sacred giant bones (willow)
Sacred giant bones (yew)
Saint Ent egg
Saint Ent summon
Sand crab head
Santa body
Santa boots
Santa gloves
Santa hat
Santa legs
Sapphire mahogany staff
Sapphire necklace
Sapphire oak staff
Sapphire redwood staff
Sapphire ring
Sapphire silk hood
Sapphire silk top
Sapphire staff
Sapphire teak staff
Sapphire willow staff
Sapphire yew staff
Scented rose
Scrappy archery cloak
Scrappy woodcutting necklace
Sea salt
Sea turtle egg
Seasons ring
Shadow dragon egg
Shadow dragon head
Shadow dragon hide body
Shadow dragon hide boots
Shadow dragon hide bracers
Shadow dragon hide chaps
Shadow dragon leather
Shadow dragon shard
Sharp eye enchantment
Shroomion egg
Silk robe hood
Silk robe top
Silver amethyst ring
Silver bar
Silver diamond ring
Silver farming token
Silver ore
Silver sapphire ring
Silver throwing knife
Silver topaz ring
Siwrly eel
Skeleton egg
Skeleton head
Skilled fisherman enchantment
Skilled lumberjack enchantment
Skilled miner enchantment
Slayer blade
Slayer body
Slayer boots
Slayer cloak
Slayer dungeon raid scroll
Slayer gauntlets
Slayer helmet
Slayer legs
Slayer necklace
Slayer resource pack
Slayer ring
Slayer shield
Slayer token
Slime ball
Slime boots
Slime bottoms
Slime egg
Slime gloves
Slime hat
Slime head
Slime top
Small accuracy potion
Small agile potion
Small ammo preservation potion
Small boss battle potion
Small clay pack
Small coconut pack
Small Essence
Small fisherman potion
Small glass pack
Small looting potion
Small mining potion
Small misc potion
Small raid potion
Small strength potion
Small vial
Small woodcutting potion
Snowy mage egg
Sorcerer book i
Sorcerer book ii
Sorcerer book iii
Sorcerer book iv
Sorcerer book set
Sorcerer book v
Spellcaster enchantment
Spider egg
Spider head
Spiny core
Spirit barn owl pet
Spooky kitty egg
Spooky Token
Staff of the sea
Steampunk body
Steampunk boots
Steampunk gloves
Steampunk hat
Steampunk pants
Steel arrow
Steel arrow (e)
Steel arrow (eii)
Steel arrow (eiii)
Steel arrow (eiv)
Steel arrow (ev)
Steel axe
Steel bar
Steel boots
Steel chestplate
Steel gauntlets
Steel helmet
Steel pickaxe
Steel platelegs
Steel shield
Steel spade
Steel sword
Stone arrow
Stone axe
Stone pickaxe
Stone spade
Strawberry candy
Strawberry pumpking egg
Strawberry seed
Strength enchantment
Strength necklace
Summer sandals
Summer shorts
Summer swim top
Summoner book i
Summoner book ii
Summoner book iii
Summoner book iv
Summoner book set
Summoner book v
Sun ring
Sunflower seed
Super compost
Sweetcorn seed
Swimsuit bottoms
Swimsuit shoes
Swimsuit top
Talented fisherman enchantment
Talented lumberjack enchantment
Talented miner enchantment
Teak bow
Teak logs
Teak seed
Teak staff
Thalias necklace
Thunder elemental dog egg
Thunder orb (t1)
Thunder orb (t10)
Thunder orb (t2)
Thunder orb (t3)
Thunder orb (t4)
Thunder orb (t5)
Thunder orb (t6)
Thunder orb (t7)
Thunder orb (t8)
Thunder orb (t9)
Tomato seed
Tome of elements
Tome of elements (empty)
Topaz ring
Tree seed
Tree seed crate
Troll camp raid scroll
Troll egg
True rage scroll
Turkey hat
Turkey summon
Two birds enchantment
Ultra compost
Unidentified fragment
Valentines corgi egg
Volcanic ash
Volcanic wyrm egg
Volcanic wyrm tooth
Volcano praedam map
Volucris silvae feather
Warlock book i
Warlock book ii
Warlock book iii
Warlock book iv
Warlock book set
Warlock book v
Warrior corgi egg
Warrior ring
Water crystal
Water elemental dog egg
Water orb (t1)
Water orb (t10)
Water orb (t2)
Water orb (t3)
Water orb (t4)
Water orb (t5)
Water orb (t6)
Water orb (t7)
Water orb (t8)
Water orb (t9)
Watermelon seed
Werewolf boots
Werewolf claw
Werewolf head
Werewolf hide
Werewolf hide body
Werewolf hide bracers
Werewolf hide chaps
Werewolf hide helm
Werewolf tooth
Wheat seed
White beret
White Halloween boots
White Halloween bottoms
White Halloween gloves
White Halloween hat
White Halloween top
White magic book i
White magic book ii
White magic book iii
White magic book iv
White magic book set
White magic book v
White ribbon
Willow bow
Willow logs
Willow staff
Wolf egg
Wolf fur
Wolf head
Wolf hide body
Wolf hide boots
Wolf hide bracers
Wolf hide chaps
Wooden stake
World boss token
Wraith soul
Wyrm body
Wyrm boots
Wyrm bracers
Wyrm chaps
Wyrm helmet
Wyrm map 1
Wyrm map 2
Wyrm map 3
Wyrm map 4
Wyvern egg
Wyvern hide
Wyvern hide body
Wyvern hide boots
Wyvern hide bracers
Wyvern hide chaps
Wyvern webbings
Yellow cape
Yellow dye
Yew bow
Yew logs
Yew seed
Yew staff

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